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HubWorks! lets parents receive and send communication securely online and allows you to integrate with your child's world at family day care.

By enroling through Hubworks, you ensure your important information is correct and up to date. It also fast-tracks you into our system for when you get a placement for your child.

Guide to Successful Enrolment

Ensure your information is up to date
Your CCB can be affected if you have other children in care or if one child attends more than one service. It’s important to tell the service about your child’s attendance at other child care services during the same period, so they can put the right details into the system. Make sure all contact details and other information are always updated with your Educator or SCFDC.
Make sure you know your child's CRN
Your child's Customer Relations Number is issued by Centrelink and is your child's unique identifier for uses in all claims for CCB and CCR. If you have not been issued a CRN for your child as yet, you will need to contact Human Services to obtain one.
Immunisation Records
As of the 1 January 2014 blue books will no longer be accepted as proof of immunisation. You will need to obtain specific records before you can enrol - see here for more details.
Get GCCB if you’re a Grandparent
If you have taken over the care of a grandchild, you are not automatically eligible for Grandparent CCB. If you think you may qualify for GCCB, contact Human Services the  for more information.